Home Automation System to Make Your Life Easier

Hate having to keep up with a bunch of remotes? Can't ever find the one remote you need? You should consider setting up your home entertainment with home automation. Home automation helps you and your family with just the push of a button.

What is Home Automation?

Often referred to a smart home, home automation makes it possible to control lighting, heating and air conditioning, home appliances, and security through your phone, your tablet, or a wall-mounted terminal.

Connecting You With Your Home

Today's automation greatly increases the value, safety, enjoyment, and efficiency of your home. Through simple touch panels and smart devices, you can access, change, and monitor your system. With the push of a single button, you can arm your security system, adjust the climate control, and turn off the lights to save energy whenever you leave home. You can even control your system through your smart device from any where.

How to Get Started

1. Contact us anytime at (760)347-2899 for a free estimate on a new home automation system. We will be happy to help you customize a home automation system that perfectly fits your lifestyle. We will also be able to inform you on which products will be best for your daily life.
2. Schedule your installation. New Wave Home Audio and Video will complete your installation with our skilled and experienced team.
3. Download the app associated with your new system to quickly and easily control your home through your phone or tablet.