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Residential - Commercial

Home Networking in Palm Springs, CA 

Bring your home together with synced home networking in Palm Springs, CA. A home network solution allows you and your family to easily transfer files, such as documents, music, and photos. An integrated network solution also enables you to share a printer, scanner, fax, and other equipment, saving you money on components. When you count on New Wave Home Audio and Video, you'll have a system that gives you the security and flexibility you need. What's more, we can put limits on your Internet to prevent children from accessing certain websites. Contact our staff for more information on home automation in Palm Springs, CA

Seamless Device Communication

Wireless Networking System

In today's society, we love our smartphones and tablets and the flexibility they give us. Today, there are apps for everything from home control to universal remotes. But they will only work if you have a great home wireless network in place. New Wave Home Audio and Video can provide you with seamless wireless networking in your house. Let us show you how by requesting an estimate.