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Construction Wiring in Palm Springs, CA 

At New Wave Home Audio and Video we provide pre-wiring and new construction wiring in Palm Springs, CA,  for projects anywhere in the Coachella Valley. This service allows contractors to complete the job far more quickly and facilitates the installation of home networks, surround sound, and home theater installation in Palm Springs, CA. In fact, new construction wiring costs around one-fifth to one-third the price of rewiring. Be sure to think about equipment that you might want to acquire in the future, such as a home theater, networked computers, or a central audio system. Even if you can't afford the electronics yet, it makes sense to install the wires now.

Wires On the Ceiling

Wires On the Wall and Ceiling

New Construction Wiring Services

New Wave Home Audio and Video performs a variety of new construction wiring services. Our services range from installing low voltage controls to setting up surveillance systems. For example, we can add phone, satellite TV, and computer networking jacks to every room. This means that you don't have to pay separate contractors to accomplish each wiring task. You can also rely on our experienced staff to complete new construction wiring projects of any size.

Our audio wiring technicians can provide surround sound installation that covers your entire house, restaurant, or shop. We can install multiple speakers and run wires from your stereo equipment to each room. This lets you continue listening to music or a sporting event as you walk throughout your home or business. We also offer to set up computer networking systems during construction. You can securely share one internet connection and printer among multiple devices.

Choose Us for New Construction Wiring

It's crucial to select a reputable company that uses high-quality materials and has enough expertise to avoid serious errors when it comes to new construction wiring. New Wave Home Audio and Video has been installing low-voltage controls and other cables for over three decades. Our licensed staff takes the time to fully customize each project, whether new construction wiring, surround sound installation, or home audio and video installation. During the new construction wiring process, we cooperate with builders, architects, and designers to seamlessly integrate the wiring. We don't abandon our customers after the work is finished. When you need technical support, maintenance, or upgrades, you can feel free to contact New Wave Home Audio and Video at any time.

The team members at New Wave Home Audio and Video are your experts in new construction pre-wiring, home theater installation, surround sound installation, and outdoor TV installation for both residential and commercial services. Please contact us to discuss your project with a friendly, knowledgeable representative. We're prepared to find a new construction wiring solution that suits your specific technical needs, building design, and financial constraints. You can reach us by calling (442) 227-0162.